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See what Tiina has to say about Solki.

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Solki is a proud engine of the campaign "1000 helped"
success story is a highly secured video communication platform

SCORE success story success story

" is a highly secured video communication platform that is used by doctors, therapists, counselors, personal trainers..." provides visual support for healthcare

Good news from Finland

Solki-visual support for healthcare

"Finnish company offers a secure online channel for professionals to dispense medical advice." share your services everywhere via secured video


Solki-services anywhere in the world

[Article in Finnish] "We're able to provide services anywhere in the world." Iltalehti is one of the biggest online medias in Finland. 

So many problems that we could solve with Solki and secured video

YLE uutiset

Solki-solution for many problems

[Article in Finnish] "Unemployment, burnout, deprsession... So much writing, not enough doing.." YLE is one of the biggest medias in Finland.

What's included in the trial:

Live training

We are here to make sure you will have successful video meetings with your customers. You will recieve personal training and full support from us. Even after trial.

Customized Solki profile

You will get a customized profile, so your customer can feel the same atmosphere in your video meetings than in your office! It's much more authentic and it really feels that you're in the same room with your customer.

All the features

You can have either one-on-one meetings, online groups (up to 25 participants) and webinars with your clients. We've done hundreds of different online events with therapists, doctors and trainers, so we are happy to help you set up yours!

Support from others

You can join our private Facebook group where we share ideas, support each other and hear your feedback so you can get the most out of Solki! 

Why should you join the trial?

HIPAA compliant

Solki is a HIPAA compliant platform and enables your customers to join anonymously in your meetings. We don't store any of your customers' data.


Solki works on every device and you (or your customers') doesn't have to download or install any software. Solki works completely on the browser.

Share everywhere

You can be out of the country and still share your services to your customers'. We have experienced that Solki works pretty much all around the world.

Full support

Now this is what we are most proud of and why people love Solki: We really do care about you and you can always contact us and ask for support or any help.

What makes Solki different from others?

Secured meetings

Highly secured online meetings where your customers' are as anonymous users. Everything is encrypted.

No downloads

Forget about those donwloads and installations which can be crucial for your online meetings.

Steady and stable

We have taken off all the fancy stuff and wanted to provide just a very simple and stable connections.


We don't require any monthly or annual fees, you just pay as you go starting from $0. No use, no payments.


Hundreds of use cases and we'd like to share them with you! So many ways to benefit from Solki. 

Care and support

It's our duty to help you and make sure everything goes smoothly when you use our platform!

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Don't take our word for it...

Listen to our great customers!

"Solki suits perfectly to our industry (Healthcare) and I think the possibilities are endless! Customer support has been great and the platform itself is super simple. I would highly recommend Solki to other healthcare professionals to do different online meetings like webinars, what I'm doing."

" makes life so much easier for me and my customers, who in some cases would have to travel from a distance to our public sector practice. I've done one-on-one meetings but planning also to do webinars and online groups. I'm very satisfied with the customer support that Solki offers."

"Solki is a great alternative for physical meetings that don't require travelling for me or my patients. Customer support has helped me a lot along the way. I will recommend Solki to my colleagues aswell!"

"Solki works great in 1-one-1 therapy and webinars. I'm amazed how easy it is to use, and I can always count on the customer support if I ever face any problems! I recommend Solki for other therapists too!"

More feedback from our great customers

"I think Solki is easy to use, and my customers from other countries have been able to use it well. We've never had any problems,"

“The quality of audio and video is much better compared to some other similar softwares, even there were a big group of us in the same conversation!”

“Seems like a very great tool for my business. Looking forward to host a webinar with Solki!”

"Instructions are very clear and Solki itself is super simple"

"I think Solki works better than Skype, that has very limited functionalities. Also Solki works like any other website as you don't have to download anything to your devices!"

"I've developed new business models with Solki - my customers like them too because we can all be at the comfort of our homes!"

"I've been using different video conference systems for 15 years. Solki is the most easiest one and my customers agree."

"I get to do half of the work that I used to, but the results have doubled. Thanks for developing Solki!"

"This has completely opened up new opportunities to sell my expertise over the internet"