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Want to meet your customers online?

At we make it easy, safe and affordable to meet your patients and customers via live video

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Why use Solki?

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We offer...

We want you to be able to provide services to your customers where and when you want. This makes it so much easier for your customers too.


As we have already proved, we can do lots of things in a new way - through live video. We have seen therapists, doctors, trainers and coaches, and many more taking advantage of live video.


We are 100% sure that your customers and patients will love your new way of doing things - they will appreciate flexibility and availability.

Secured meetings and customer support

Your customer's information is safe, as we don't store any personal information. We also provde training and support to you when you need. on media:


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What? is a platform, where you can organize webinars, interactive groups or one-on-one consultations. You can record everything and we offer a storage for your recordings. You can charge from your online events or videos.

Why? In the first place, was established because we found out that the kids in Finland have to wait months or years to see a therapist. We wanted to change that, and now Solki is used by various professionals and experts.

You (or your customer) don't have to download any add-ons or plugins. works in your browser.

Works on all devices

Easy to use

Safe to use

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How easy it is to use Solki? Watch the video!

How is Solki different from any other live video tool? is an all-in-one tool including webinars, interactive live groups and one-to-one consultations. You can charge every customer directly on Solki, record your live sessions and sell them. Also our pricing model is different; you pay only for what you use! You are also able to let your customer(s) or viewers into your session with just one click without even registering (Anonymous login).

You can leave your contact information and I will be on touch with you very soon. What you have to lose?

Try it (100% risk-free!)

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This is how Solki works:

Create event

Register and create an event

Share the link

Send the link to your customer(s)

Meet with your customer(s)

You are ready to go live!

New! Anonymous login

Let them in with one click! is the easiest, fastest and most efficient!

Works in your browser

No downloads or add-ons


Responsive design makes it work on all devices


You are secured with end-to-end encryption


Meet your cusomer(s) when, and where you want

Face-to-face, real time

Whether it's just you and your customer, group or a webinar

What our users have to say about Solki?

"I've done several online meetings and live groups with Solki. I've also hosted a webinar and was surprised how easy that was. Solki makes it easier to meet with my clients, since I don't own a car. Solki is very simple and easy to use and also the customer support has been excellent! Highly recommend Solki to everyone!"

I've hosted webinars and felt good about them, even though I'm a first timer with webinars. Using Solki is very easy and simple. I like the idea that I can actually sell my services through Solki! I will do 1-one-1 consultations, live groups and webinars in the future, too! Customer support has been great."

"The easiest software I've ever used in online meetings. Solki could work well in sales and marketing. Specially offering professional services and marketing them with Solki is an advantage for our company. I will keep hosting webinars and do 1-one-1 consulting more and more with Solki."

"Currently I'm doing 50% free webinars and for the rest 50% I'm doing paid webinars, record them and sell afterwards. All that can be done with Solki! One third of my revenue is coming from Solki. I like Solki's pricing model, which is that I only pay for what I use it."

"Solki works great in 1-one-1 therapy and webinars. I'm amazed how easy it is to use, and I can always count on the customer support if I ever face any problems! I recommend Solki for other therapists too!"

"Solki is a great alternative for physical meetings that don't require travelling for me or my patients. Customer support has helped me a lot along the way. I will recommend Solki to my colleagues aswell!"

More feedback from our great customers

"I think Solki is easy to use, and my customers from other countries have been able to use it well. We've never had any problems,"

“The quality of audio and video is much better compared to some other similar softwares, even there were a big group of us in the same conversation!”

“Seems like a very great tool for my business. Looking forward to host a webinar with Solki!”

"Instructions are very clear and Solki itself is super simple"

"I think Solki works better than Skype, that has very limited functionalities. Also Solki works like any other website as you don't have to download anything to your devices!"

"I've developed new business models with Solki - my customers like them too because we can all be at the comfort of our homes!"

"I've been using different video conference systems for 15 years. Solki is the most easiest one and my customers agree."

"I get to do half of the work that I used to, but the results have doubled. Thanks for developing Solki!"

"This has completely opened up new opportunities to sell my expertise over the internet"


Pricing examples

You only pay for what you use!


For thousands of viewers
$ 0/month
Pay as you go
  • Starting at $6,30
  • Recording $5/hour
  • Transaction fee 9% (if you charge customers via Solki)


You and your customer
$ 0/month
Pay as you go
  • $1,50/hour
  • Recording $5/hour
  • Transaction fee 9% (if you charge customers via Solki)

Live groups

For up to 25 participants
$ 0/month
Pay as you go
  • 6 participants, 30min=$9
  • Recording €5/hour
  • Transaction fee 9% (if you charge customers via Solki)


If you want to sell material
$ 10/month
Charged in 3 month periods
  • Pay only if you use
  • Sell videos & recordings
  • Public/private videos
  • Transaction fee 9% (if videos are for sale)

Looking for a different pricing solution? Contact us!